Possibly the best Lunch Post ever


This Lunch Post went with him to school last Friday and I was crestfallen when it came back crinkled and damp, as they so often do…but blank. Now, I realize this whole project is something FUN. This is a way for us to communicate while we’re separated during the day, and a way to create something nerdy together. It’s only recently become something else for me, as I’ve turned outward with them, posting them here to share, letting others into our private world. I never even really asked his permission, only proposing I put them up on our blog, which he agreed to, but probably without fully understanding. It had changed slightly for me, become something almost like work, a capital-P Project. On the rare occasions in the past when he didn’t finish one, I would think silently, “Oh, maybe we’re done doing this. What should we do next?” Now I think “Shit, I have another fifty of these in an envelope waiting for his contribution; what about the blog?” So my disappointment when he doesn’t complete a post isn’t really fair. He has a dozen capital-P Projects, from comic books to clubs complete with membership cards and secret codes, but they’re all *his* Projects. The Lunch Posts are still just something fun to him, so he feels no obligation to finish them, especially when there are a million other things to do in the lunchroom at school.

All that said, I put the same Lunch Post in his lunch box today, nestled between the ziplocks of apple slices and chicken nuggets and what came home was brilliant.

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