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Wandermonster is a project of Rob Kimmel Design, an independent creative studio headed by Rob Kimmel, who also teaches at Pratt Institute. We’ve just relocated to western Massachusetts from Brooklyn, NY.

The blog was originally started when my wife and I journeyed for a month in Morocco with our then-five-year-old son, but it’s mutated into a forum for the Lunch Posts. This short video explains it all.

Every day of school, from kindergarten through third grade, I have sent my son off with a sticky note fixed to the inside lid of his lunchbox. Each of these little pieces of colored paper bears a half-completed drawing and a half-written story. I anxiously await picking him up after school to see how he finishes these miniature comics. We’ll continue posting them here at Wandermonster as long as we keep making them. If you want to know more, this interview will do the trick.

We’ve been enjoying attention from places as diverse as Gawker’s io9 blog,  the LA Weekly, the Wall Street JournalApartment Therapy, Wired, EW.com, Quipsologies, Communication Arts, designworklife , HOW magazine, and Gotham magazine. I’ve written an article about the Lunch Posts and “creative parenting,” for the July 2011 print issue of HOW Magazine  Australian kids’ magazine BIG featured our work in their latest issue. Parenting blog Ohdeedoh  gave us a nod for their “Ohdeedad” week.

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All material on wandermonster.com, unless otherwise noted, is copyright Rob Kimmel, 2010, 2011



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All material on wandermonster.com, unless otherwise noted, is copyright Rob Kimmel, 2010 .
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