Sasquatch lunch post and some overly serious reflections


It’s kind of silly that today’s Lunch Post has me in a reflective mood, but I’m feeling both amused and melancholy. My son’s interest in Sesame Street faded long ago, replaced with Godzilla and Doctor Who and Flapjack. He doesn’t usually need to mock the things he liked as a little one to prove how big he is now, so the appearance of Big Bird in this Lunch Post, saying “I’m stupid.” is weird, and hilarious, and a little sad. My son’s moments of “maturing” have happened with a lurch-and-stall rhythm. One minute, he’d show the insight or compassion of  an adult…and then he’d be arm farting on a crowded subway. Seven has been a striking age, as the flashes of self-sufficiency and depth that came when he was four have become, more and more, the way he *is*. Now, of course, the moments of backsliding to whiny toddlerhood are being replaced with ominous foreshadowing of the teenager he will be.

But then again, arm farts *are* funny (in small doses), and I did chuckle when I first saw Big Bird on Sasquatch’s arm, so maybe I am being sentimental and overly serious.

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