Camp Post#1: Monster’s Birthday Feast


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Yeah, it’s been a long while since we posted here at Wandermonster. The truth is fourth grade lunch is a party…there’s far too much hanging out and goofing with friends to spend time drawing comics with your dad. The Kid doesn’t usually have enough time to finish his food, let alone a Lunch Post. So, we made the hard decision to put them on hold. But now, he’s off to sleepaway camp for the first time and is eager to have Lunch Posts show up in the mail. Or maybe we should call them “Camp Posts.” I dunno. I’m just happy he wants to revive them. I’ve added something new, too: color. I don’t know if he will follow my lead and add color, but I’m enjoying it. So, enough rambling and on to the first, test “camp post.” It’s not clear if he’ll send them back to me, or just bring them all when he comes home….


Monster meal AFTER

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