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I’ve been wanting to teach a class like this for ages, and now I have the opportunity. I’m teaching a 6-week after-school class at my son’s school called “Adventure Lab.” If it goes well, I’ll try to bring it to other venues. Here’s the description:

Adventure Lab:
A tablespoon of drawing + a quarter-cup of storytelling + a teaspoon of dried dragon bellybutton = ?

Ever want to tell the story of a cyclops noodle chef with anger issues? Or the tragedy of the only pirate who can’t grow a beard? Or the tale of a robot zookeeper whose safari ship crash-landed in a candy factory? Ever get bored of the same old stories being told and want to tell your own? In this class, we will learn techniques of character creation and story-telling, mixing drawing and writing to create original comics. At the end of the six weeks, we will publish everyone’s stories to share with the rest of the unsuspecting world.

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