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Congratulations to Ben Kadie and Slugco Films.

As the Bellevue Reporter put it, “Ben Kadie has tracked down an elusive criminal on the streets of a grimy city, orchestrated an air attack behind enemy lines, and has visited a pharaohs grave – all before his 15 birthday.” Now, a few months shy of 16, Kadie’s films Molly and the Masked Storm and Mack have been awarded Gold Keys by the  Alliance for Young Artists and Writers (whose catalog we designed a few years ago). This is a follow up to last year, when his film, Sparks in the Night won the national Scholastic Gold Medal and his Murder at the Pharaoh’s Grave went on to win a national Scholastic Silver Medal. In 2008, his  A Friendly Game was the only middle school film to win a national Gold Medal.

Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing work by Kadie and his collaborators at and on Facebook

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