Christmas Lunch Post [updated]


Buoyed by the success of our Channukah post, I’m attempting a Christmas Lunch Post. Like a lot of 21st century American families, we have strands of different traditions woven together, so we get multiple celebrations during “holiday season.” Maybe Ben’ll marry into a family who’ll add Eid or Diwali or Junkanoo to our calendar.

I’m pretty happy that, media-saturated Brooklyn boy that he is, Ben still believes in Santa. Dunno how he feels about the reindeer, though.

Scroll down for the results, and be sure to keep scrolling for the details.

Yes! Of course he did. Wise Santa. But then, maybe not so wise…. Notice the camels are turned around, heading back towards Santa. That’s because of the PIE that Santa left on the runners of the sled (see detail below). Please note the wavy smell-lines wafting along the bottom of the page and into the camel’s nose. Oh, Santa, bad choice.

Ben knows camels well, having ridden one into Erg Chebi, a sand sea, basically a chunk of the Sahara drifted northward into Morocco. Brave six-year-old Ben rode on a camel by himself, during our month-long backpacking adventure in Morocco last year. You’d think he’d know not to give the dromedaries two humps, but they are magical flying camels after all.

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