Lunch Post: The Iphone Suit


I thought this one was going to be all about clothes. When seven hit, the Boy got really into how he dressed. He grew his hair long and started asking for button-down men’s shirts, even costuming himself for school pictures in vest and vintage bow-tie (with the classic law-library background replacing last year’s 1980s laser background). Lucky for him, his mom’s got insane skills, so when he insisted on being the Eleventh Doctor (Dr Who reference again) for Halloween, she tailored him a tweed jacket.

So I figured this Lunch Post would be an opportunity for him to explore his sartorial side, but no, the creature wears a giant iPod, complete with the most important apps:  the annoying Talking Tom, my Words With Friends, and the barcode scanner (which is key for decrypting “blind box” packaging). No indication what happens when AT&T inevitably drops the call.

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