Lunch Post: Lucky Charms they ain’t.


I am a scribbler and a sketcher and can only think with a pen in my hand. I was the kid whose homework margins were grafitti’ed with creatures and spacecraft. Now, I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere, filling subway rides or empty moments waiting in a line with drawings and lettering experiments. That’s the origin of the Lunch Posts, as Ben and I have drawn together on commutes and in restaurants for years. Sticky notes have long been a favorite medium, for their portability, consistent size and the potential for spontaneous decorating of subway ads or condiment bottles.

With the Lunch Post project, I get satisfaction from the initial drawing, the challenge of using this tiny canvas to craft a provocative story fragment. There’s a real element of emotional danger here, too. I can enjoy my drawing so much that when I put it in the lunch box, I’m taking a big risk that it will be “ruined.”  Sometimes the Post-its vanish, consumed in the chaos of the grade school lunchroom. Sometimes Ben’s contributions are really lame, lazy efforts that obliterate my drawing without adding to it. Sometimes the humor of a seven-year-old boy erupts in scatological bursts that result in the 2nd grade equivalent of NSFW. Like Leprechaun farts….

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