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Frankenstein’s monster…[UPDATED]

Well, as long as we’re talking Frankenstein’s monster…. more…

Lunch Post: Awesome and Insane [UPDATED]


We’ll find out about the Frankenstein’s Monster tonight. But first, a bonus Lunch Post that is awesome and insane.



Lunch Post: Subway Commute [UPDATED]

Today Ben is headed way up to Harlem to spend time with the family who babysat him when he was tiny. more…


Figure drawings…

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen at least one of my son’s Lunch Posts. more…


Kaiju Big Battel Lunch Post

It is hard to overstate what a great place Brooklyn is for raising a kid. The range of people and experiences that are immediately accessible is spine-wrigglingly exciting. more…


Photo Post: Shops

Pickles in Fes

Pickles in Fes

Three shots of shops today. more…

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Photo post: Moroccan men sitting


A few thousand photos from our Moroccan journey lounge on my hard drive. It’s an overwhelming amount of images, and I needed a little distance from our travels before I could choose some to share. After two American roadtrips—in air conditioned comfort, on smooth-surfaced and traffic-clotted highways through lush farmland—Morocco seems very far away. more…

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