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A few thousand photos from our Moroccan journey lounge on my hard drive. It’s an overwhelming amount of images, and I needed a little distance from our travels before I could choose some to share. After two American roadtrips—in air conditioned comfort, on smooth-surfaced and traffic-clotted highways through lush farmland—Morocco seems very far away.

To get past the challenge of which to select and how to present them, I’ve decided to post them in spurts, with loose themes. Today’s, for no particular reason, is “Moroccan men sitting.”

The first is of two porters waiting for buses to arrive in the station of the small town of Midelt. The second is a man in the town of Tinerhir. Both of these are my shots. The third is a man and donkey in Fes, which was taken by Ben.


Two porters wait for buses to arrive in Midelt.


A man in a quiet side street near the center of Tinerhir.


A man yawns as he and his donkey take refuge in the shade in Fes. Photo by Ben

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