Lunch Post: Grendel survived Beowulf… [after]


What if Grendel didn’t crawl home to Ma when the hero Beowulf wrenched off his arm? What if he made it to the ER in time?

I’ve told Ben the story of Beowulf the way it was supposed to be told: aloud, on a damp and gloomy day. Well, it really should be sung in a smoky hall, drunk on mead, but that’ll have to wait a few years. Anyway, we watched the weird cartoon version of it the other day, the one I can’t believe Neil Gaiman wrote, with Robert Zemekis’ horrific corpse-like Polar Express animation. Ben said my version was better. Ha.

Ben’s a weirdo. High Five Ghost is a character from Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show. He is a ghost with a hand sticking out of his head, so Grendel has attached him to the spot where Grendel’s arm was, and he uses the head-hand as the replacement. Very, very odd.


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