Apologies for the erratic posting schedule & some housekeeping.


Hi Wandermonster visitors. Just a quick apology for my increasingly-erratic posting schedule.

I’m commuting many hours a week,  my son is focusing on adapting to a new school in a new state, and my wife is too busy with her own projects to interfere. We’re still Lunch-Posting, and I’ll keep putting them up on Wandermonster as quickly as I can, but there might be a few days without new posts, followed by a day like today, when I post a few at once. Please keep visiting and sharing with folks who will appreciate it.

Coming soon: a thumbnail-archive of all the Lunch Posts, which should be fun and useful.

Also: I think I’m going to go back to using “before” and “after” in post headers, instead of the grim, all-caps “UPDATED”

Also: with the help of the awesome Arlo Guthrie (the designer, not the musician), we’re using Typekit now, and are trying out a new typeface. Like it? It’s Proxima Nova, from Mark Simonson.


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