Lunch Post: Cthulhu! [UPDATED]


My knowledge of this Lunch Post began in the late summer, emerging while I sat pondering the swirling, malevolent, nimbus of the hurricane Irene, around 1:17 pm on Sunday, August the 28th.

I was newly arrived at a venerable Massachusetts town, dense with disturbing histories of New England lore, and I was not yet inured to the dark stares of its substantial women and tremulous academics. This was a curious piece of paper I held, yellow as a jaundiced widower, clearly of modern design. The verso was blank, featureless but for a narrow strip of stickiness, some invisible ichor present only to the touch. The face bore a curious legend, in an unschooled hand, unconvincingly proclaiming courage and recalling a strange name, which I hesitate to repeat in this account. At the top—and the reader will forgive me, as my hands tremble upon the keyboard—a strange drawing, as of a terrible nest of appendages, fit only to grasp some cyclopean edifice. I suspected at the time, and now know, that this was no ordinary Lunch Post, but one that threatened to thrust the most stalwart man into fits of quivering madness.

[apologies to H. P. Lovecraft]

I love my son.

BTW, if you appreciate Cthulhu, you will love Andrew Leman and the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society.


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