Lunch Post: Worst-Dressed Party-Goer [updated]


On a warm day in the schoolyard, your eye bounces from Star Wars the Clone Wars shirts to oversized Mets jerseys to dark hoodies. The girls are in a rainbow of Easter egg colors, but the boys are variations on these simple themes. For some reason, my kid is wearing a dress shirt and a fancy vest, topping cargo pants with ripped knees.

He’s got an <ahem> unique sense of style, and insists on wearing the same “uniform” every day: a tweed jacket or formal vest over a buttondown shirt paired with ripped pants, his hair 70s-rocker-long. It’s sort of Doctor Who meets Neil Young. I’m curious to see how he applies his idiosyncratic sense of clothes to the party-goer who wore the wrong thing….

Of course, if you spend your life wearing only a pillowcase, you’re bound to get a little crazy, so Dobby’s gone disco, even when it is least appropriate.

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