Lunch Post: Arrrrrrgh, only one pirate can be captain… [UPDATED]


Arrrrrrrrgh. Pirates are excellent…or at least the semi-mythical swashbuckling kind are. I’ll stay in my cozy cocoon of fantasy, and not think about the real, contemporary ones, like the desperate scum off the coast of Somalia. And I’ll be sure to keep Ben oblivious as long as possible. It’s hard enough to explain more close-to-home horrors like 9/11 or Glenn Beck. The 18th-century pirates are so much more fun, from the flags to the ships, to the costumes and panoply of facial hair and scars.

Arrrrrrrrgh! It’s Captain Hook’s literate cousin, Captain Book. He’s got the scars; he’s got the weapon; but, instead of a fearsome sharp prosthetic, he’s got Little Red Riding Hood. Kinda an odd choice, but I guess it’s meant to highlight his softer side.

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