Monday Lunch Post: Yoda cameo [Updated]


As much as I love my son, I feel great shame that he fails to hate Jar Jar Binks.

I don’t think he actually likes that puerile, unfunny, racist, cinematic mistake. I think he enjoys my involuntary shudder every time that name is mentioned. I retaliate by saying “Justin Bieber,” and we reach an impasse. Though we are in disagreement over the worst character George Lucas inflicted on pop culture, we share a love for one of the best: Yoda. Ahhh, Yoda. One part Kermit, one part Dalai Lama, one part Kwai Chang Caine. More a proof of Frank Oz’s excellence than Lucas’, Yoda reaffirms the power of puppetry, even in these digital days. I am glad Ben prefers (in his words) the “real” version to the “cartoon” version.

This morning, Ben said he wanted a space-themed Lunch Post (“those are always the easiest”), so enter Yoda. Of course, I might dis-own the Boy if Yoda shows us Jar Jar….

Ha! Welllll, had this been 1999, I would’ve whined about how annoying the Ewoks were, but post-Jar Jar, they seem as inspired as Hobbits. And, come on, how can I take issue with an Ewok in jacket and tie, who speaks (as Ben demonstrates) like Jeeves the butler?

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