Lunch Post: New Soda [UPDATED] Watch out Four Loko!


It’s a dangerous admission, this close to Park Slope, that I allow my kid to drink soda.

But I also let him see PG 13 movies, eat non-organic vegetables and say the word “crap,” so I’m pretty much doomed to censure. Actually, the Boy doesn’t drink much soda, preferring water most of the time. He does enjoy the occasional Sprite and he still hunts in bodegas for Poms, a strange sour-apple soda he fell in love with in Morocco. Actually, it was while traveling in Morocco that he first discovered the joys of soda’s corn-syrupy goodness.

Forced to go shopping with me, he’s become aware of packaging, both beautiful and awful, so I’m curious how he’s going to brand his own soda today.

Uh oh. It’s Four Loko, grade school style.

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