Best Gift: The Krampus


When Saint Nicholas made the journey across the Atlantic to the United States (like so many other immigrants, suffering an Ellis Island name-change, becoming “Santa Claus”), he left his evil assistant, the Krampus, behind. In many parts of Europe, St. Nick handed off the naughty list to this creature, who looks like our usual conception of the Devil, with a cloven hoof, horns, and gaping cruel mouth. Only recently has the Krampus managed to make inroads in America, where he’s not as convenient a marketing tool as old Santa is.

Ben, lover of all things monstrous, was very excited to learn about the Krampus. My main Christmas present from him (with help from his mom, master maker-of-things) was a lavender-filled eye pillow in the shape of the Krampus, right down to the spanking switch in his hand.

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