Lunch Post 2.6


Mom got a book for our trip to Duck Island.

Wandermonster started as a travel blog, which I failed miserably at. It sounded like a great opportunity to write an ongoing record of our experiences, traveling as a family in Morocco for a month. But, of course, far more energy was needed to live day to day with our five-year-old in North Africa. The blog became a waste of time. But it seems fitting to return to the traveling theme with this Lunch Post.

In our journeys we’ve always carried guide books: Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Footprint. Even when our actual steps veer away from the researchers’, these books are usually our first introduction to places and by the end of a trip they show the miles. Ripped, stained, scribbled in, nibbled by goats, dog-eared and post-it-noted. I knew my son would recognize the idea of a guide book and I was curious to see where he’d want to go next. I’m excited to go to Duck Island, though the duck is more of a Japanese kaiju monster than cute feathered friend, and that shark looks really menacing.

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