some notes from Ouarzazate (which is a bitch to write on a French keyboard)


I apologize to anyone who has actuqlly checked in hoping to see word of our travels. It has been really difficult to have enough energy after Ben’s asleep to get to a “cyber” and impossible to do when he is awake. And French/Arabic keyboqrds, which are not QWERTY, are really difficult for a touchtypist.

I will just have to save up my scribbles and post when were back in brooklyn; weve journeyed from desert to mountains to towns, in crowded grand taxies and local buses that stop every 100 feet, with little Berber babies on my lap; on camels; hitching in the flatbed of pickups down hairpin mountain roads; and now in our very own rental car, a local Dacia, a half step above a Yugo;

A few notes from our travels:

Morocco is a beautiful place.

A Nintendo DS is kiddie crack and can be used to bribe a child to do anything.

camel poop is dry and shaped like the capsule the toy comes in in kinder eggs;  after leaving the camel, the poop capsule will roll downhill, leaving tracks in the sand like a little creature. They gather in depressions in sand dunes in places where many camels walk, forming little pebble fields.

beware the pistachios from the guy in Fes next to Thami’s; if you eat them, expect a few very long hours during which you cant remember how to speak and others think youve had a stroke; for this, Moroccan doctors will prescribe antibiotics and muscle relaxants.

Not enough Americans travel and not enough of them travel the right way. People are constantly surprised by us.

Ben is my hero.

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