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Kristin and Ben in the Meknes Medina

Kristin and Ben in the Meknes Medina

I’m pretty wiped, so I’m not gonna say much tonight
After a lonnng journey on Saturday and Sunday from Brooklyn to Newark to Lisbon to Madrid to Casablanca to Meknes, we finally arrived at the wonderful Riad Fellousia. I’m typing this on a tiny pc with a dying battery, after giving up on the ancient iMac with a French & Arabic (non-QWERTY) keyboard. It will die any second, so this will be a quick post.

So far Morocco has been fantastic and Ben has been a wonderful traveler. He even loves “Turkish” toilets. The photo above is in the Medina, the old city, just around a few corners from our riad. The one below is our room.

Sorry for the lame first post. More ASAP. Bon nuit.

our room

our room

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